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We all die in doubt

We all die in doubt, or at least, that's how it should be. The truth is not a static state; it's more like a path that we should embrace our whole life. We are in a continuous movement; and sometimes, when you seek the truth, you may become what you used to hate or fear, or even more, the notion of what is evil and what is not can change.  On this dynamic movement, I became what I used to fear.  Where am I now? What do I think?  Now, I appreciate the beauty of human systems. I've been able to cry in the Parthenon of pain seeing the pinnacle of a society destroyed, but also with joy seeing the beauty of places in the new Babylon. Beauty is not created in a day; humans aim to perfection when they build through generations.  I became a builder too. I believe that collective effort is the path of the light. Systems also should fail, they fail when they have to. Light and Darkness dance in a continuous movement and I am a builder not because I believe