A guide to having a life worth for living.

We were born heroes and life is our quest. Within ourselves, it resides the call of adventure, no matter what kind of personality we have. But we refuse the call quite often pretending that is not there anymore. Our time passes between being bored earning money and getting excited spending it. Some moments, though, we commit to the quest again, then a force comes from our inner self, giving us several hints of what we should do. However, we do not understand such whispers, getting back to the cycle in which everyone is a victim of the system, their families, the past, the government or whatever excuse they can imprint in their heads looking for villains to blame for their inability to be truly happy.

Hence, the clues inhabit in ourselves, so we have to learn how to understand the predestined aid. The first step is to gain mindfulness to take the control of our brain. This challenge is the first trial to overcome. We can do it through daily reflexion, psychologists, meditation or contemplation. Once we can see our thoughts, but not being affected by them and keeping a calm state of mind, we have conquered this trial. Undoubtedly, there are moments that we will lose lucidity, and our emotions will control the actions. That is normal, we are humans after all. What we gain is the ability to comprehend the path to be mindful and how to return to it.

But that is not the only test that we need to strive. Once we gain mindfulness, the reality appears to us with any sense by which a sensation of disconnection with the rest of the world affects our peace. Again, the feeling of being victims halts the minds of heroes getting them back onto the cycle of unhappiness unless they will thrive this challenge through serenity. This skill is gained when we comprehend that everyone in this world have their quest which is equally valuable than ours. Also, if we obtain peace of mind with the world that humanity has created so far. Just then we can use our courage to change what we can do. In the beginning, we can transform our attitude towards life, then the way we see others and finally, how we see the world. It is required courage to do it, and this is not an easy task, because, complaining and arguing is much more comfortable than performing an action. The habit of being victims is the stronger force that dominates our will. Even more, when the art of complaining gives such pleasure doing nothing more than moving our tongues.

Just until that moment, we will start to understand our inner voice, when the time comes at which we will commit to our quest to be different, seeing life with the real happiness of being heroes and feeling the power to initiate our true adventure.   


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