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A guide to having a life worth for living.

W e were born heroes and life is our quest. Within ourselves, it resides the call of adventure, no matter what kind of personality we have. But we refuse the call quite often pretending that is not there anymore. Our time passes between being bored earning money and getting excited spending it. Some moments, though, we commit to the quest again, then a force comes from our inner self, giving us several hints of what we should do. However, we do not understand such whispers, getting back to the cycle in which everyone is a victim of the system, their families, the past, the government or whatever excuse they can imprint in their heads looking for villains to blame for their inability to be truly happy. Hence, the clues inhabit in ourselves, so we have to learn how to understand the predestined aid. The first step is to gain mindfulness to take the control of our brain. This challenge is the first trial to overcome. We can do it through daily reflexion, psychologists, medit

Thoughts beyond the time of my Troll’s cycles.

T wo years had passed since I wrote my last thoughts in this blog when the beginning of the end started and the conclusion of all periods had begun, disrupting what I was abruptly and creating this new era through a predestined force of change that was superior to my awareness.  Six years ago, my blog came to life showing my necessity to express what I felt facing this life. It was a combination of reflexions about what I’ve learned thinking beyond the norm, my devilry that was fed by my inner rebellion and the dream that I never dreamed, the fantasy which has been part of me since I have memory. But always an action had been constant, I was looking for something and such exploration became so intense that made me built and destroy what I created towards finding that element. Until one day my objectivity ruled over everything else and I decided to be happy enjoying what I got. Maturity and stability were perfect excuses to do it. After all, I ended being like everyone else wi