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F irstly, I appreciate your thoughts described to me on the daily basis. It is doubtful to believe how difficult is find these days a strong sex-appeal, within the world where the souls barely exist copying stereotypes. I like to think that I'm a gentleman (one of the few in your words). Nonetheless, that conclusion I'll let to you for the prospective future. To achieve this approach, I'm assuming that I’m strange for you within this phrases… I have bloodlines from two strange places. The first part of me comes from a land of the north, This gave me strength, intuition and good taste. Secondly originates from the south, which gave me passion, happiness and rhythm. My mind was unencumbered by the past. Nowadays I'm swotting up on the manufacture's art and the path of the true in Anglomania simultaneously. I performed labours leading, as well as just an aide. But while I travelled to four of the five continents, I learned a little about cultures of several